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We sat down with our favorite designers to uncover the
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Pillow Talk

Discover what our favorite interior designers are talking about: projects, tips, culture and style.
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Denise McGaha Interiors

Location: Dallas, Tx

Denise McGaha Interiors delivers fashionable, diverse, and adventurous designs for clients who live on the fast track; specializing in turn-key, concierge-level service delivered in 90 days or less. Denise’s Trademarked process for “Designing with a Deadline” makes her the go-to designer for clients who want luxury, but not the wait. By offering Deadline Driven Design solutions since 2001, her discriminating clientele receive exhilarating interior designs, coupled with prompt, and nimble, completion of their luxury project.

“Working with Peacock Alley is like working with family - we always have fun and they go out of their way to make custom dreams come true. They understand my design aesthetic for each project and know how I prefer each bed I design to be a reflection of my clients.” – Denise McGaha

Pillow Talk with Denise McGaha

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Travel and fashion are first on my list for inspiration. I find that Instagram and Pinterest are now so full of algorithms that show me what they "THINK" I want to see that they have diluted my exploration and discovery which are the keys to my inspiration.

What’s your preference… Percale or Sateen? 

Both - Percale for Spring and Summer, Sateen for Fall and Winter

Do you have a favorite Peacock Alley product and why?

I love Peacock Alley Mattelesse coverlets. I have some of the original ones I purchased when my husband and I were first married over 20 years ago. They are timeless and transition time and trends.

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. What makes you love yours?

The view of my pool from my bed, a taller bedside table and lovely down pillows. I often eat in there, binge watch Netflix, watch television and consult with my children. They will tell you to find me in the bedroom or the garden most days. My bed is now a King Sized bed after sleeping in a queen for 19 years. My husband says it feels like there is an ocean of space between us, but I got to purchase all new bedding and am already selecting my new Fall bedding look.

If you could choose one person to have a “Pillow Talk” with, who would it be?

My husband Scott. I love our late night, early morning and even middle of the night chats. If I ever need to talk, I just wake him up and he is ready for conversation.It’s often the only way I can go to sleep, so he will often come to bed, chat for a bit and then leave again while I doze off. I am in bed early and early to rise. He is a night owl and often comes to bed hours after me.

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning?

Slide into my slippers and spend time with my four dogs. I feed them and spend one on one time with each of them. It sets the tone for my day to have all that puppy love before I even brush my teeth. We have teenagers now and they are not early risers!

Who would you invite to your dream slumber party?

My most hysterically funny girlfriends. The ones with wit, a dry sense of humor and big hearts. Because laughter is the most valuable thing I know.

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