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The Peacock Papers - Vol II, Issue X


If you visited us at High Point, you saw our Modern Heirloom collection and new pre- Spring products. Modern Heirloom conveys our vision to make beautiful pieces that last; products that are up-to-date and relevant. Modern Heirloom also reflects the love founder, Mary Ella Gabler, has for an all-white bed.

For Spring 2019, we are pleased to introduce two new styles to Modern Heirloom: Bettina and Harper. Betinna is a delicately patterned Fil Coupé (or cut thread) and Harper is an updated seersucker. Both are made of cotton and available in duvets and shams.

Tailored, feminine, classic and individual in style, from early responses to these introductions we believe that Bettina and Harper will sell well when released in January 2019.


We distributed a list of discontinued products and October 31st will be the last chance to take advantage of discounted product as we say farewell to make way for new collections in 2019. If you are looking for a particular discontinued item, please contact orders@peacockalley.com to check on availability.


In the Wholesale world we are busy preparing for 2019, a new Product Guide, new Catalog and additions to our sales tools. Are you up to date with all of our current sales tools? If not, please reach out to your local Peacock Alley representative or contact afischer@peacockalley.com.

Many thanks for your continued support,

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