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The Peacock Papers - Vol II, Issue XI


Anyone who works with luxury linens knows that there are many different ways to dress a bed. While we always look forward to creating new looks for Trade Shows, we also enjoy the many different ways we see our customers dressing beds.

At our account, Kuhl-Linscomb, in Houston, they like to make beds with our Grand Euros, or “big boys”, as they call them. They see less formality in making beds for customers. With less fuss and more functionality, our Grand Euros help to anchor a bed that is designed to be unique in look and feel for each of their customers.

Daily Satre and Kaki guide their customers toward a tried and true formula of two Grand Euros, two Euros and two sleeping pillows per side, and then add sheets, a blanket, coverlet or duvet depending on the customer’s preference. Almost every bed has a decorative pillow – often a pillow that ties together all the colors on the bed, or accents a neutral bed. Warm grays are favored for dressing a bed, such as Peacock Alley’s Rio Platinum and Pewter and while these experts at Kuhl-Linscomb see a trend in fewer bed skirts, when a bed skirt is needed, Rio linen is the “go to” fabric. They recommend customers try out pillow cases in our Supima 45 and Semplice ​percale and sateen sheets and find that customers return to buy flat and fitted sheets.


Our new collection, launching in Atlanta during Market (January 8—15, 2019) will focus on the easy styling of "Livable Luxury". Although we’ve always tied the concepts of luxury with easy, stylish, living, our Spring collection offers customers new opportunities in both texture and palette, all of which beautifully relate to the other products in our line.

We will be showing reversible duvet covers in neutral colors, soft pastel throws and a great new blanket. Our favorite Pique has been updated to a new look and we’ve added many more trim colors. You will also see an expanded color palette of embroidery thread colors—many selected based on feedback from our customers. We hope you will visit us and see the new collection at Market in January in Atlanta or Dallas.

For all eligible customers, we will be distributing sales tools and a new catalog in early January. If you would like to review your sales tools, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local area representative or contact orders@peacockalley.com

Many thanks for your continued support.

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